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We improve lives with Effective Massage & Rejuvenating Spa Treatments.

  • Effective stress and tension relief.

  • Thoughtfully customized experiences.

  • Actual hands-on massage times. 

  • Neat & Tidy treatment rooms.

  • A team of caring professionals.

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Exceptional Experiences!

cupping massage.jpg

 Cupping Massage


Aromatherapy Massage

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Lymphatic Facial Massage

Herbal Detox Foot Soak

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Organic Exfoliation Scrub


Himalayan Rejuvenation Massage

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Carla B Sutton, LMT

I'm Carla B, licensed massage therapist since 2012, selfcare advocate and founder of Spa Zenlae. I’m passionate about helping people feel better! I’m certified in Facial Lymphatic Drainage and specialized in muscle release techniques & revitalizing spa treatments.


I’m a mom of 5, originally from St. Thomas, USVI. and a resident of Florida for over 25 years. I enjoy gardening, art, and spending time with my family.

We look forward to meeting you!

relaxes tight muscles, reduces anxiety, depression & fatigue, restores calmness & balance,

 improves concentration, reduces headaches, diminishes mental stress, improves poor circulation,

 combats aging, promotes restful sleep, diminishes chronic pain, relaxes the entire body,

improves lymph circulation, strengthens the immune system, relieves aches and stiffness,

 increases flexibility & range of motion, calms the nervous system, promotes healthy skin

complements fitness programs, relieves sore muscles, improves concentration, speeds recovery,

complements other types health care and much more!

Relaxing Massage
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